You have always been qualified to be yourself

A comic-based zine about exploring being Trans and Two-Spirit.

Print, eBook, and Audio book

Created on occupied Coast Salish lands.

Qualifications of Being cover page. The title is scrawled on a t-shirt laying in the sand, with credits written in the sand below it.

The Story

Raven grew up avoiding the idea of puberty and the boobs that would come along with it.  They didn’t want their true self covered up. As things began growing, expectations of who they would become came down on them.  They thought they had found relief when they came out as liking femmes, only to realize that wasn’t the whole picture. Instead they were led on a journey inward to find they are more than qualified to be themselves.

The Writer

Raven Two Feathers (he/they) is a Two Spirit, Emmy award winning creator.  They continue to grow, learning through each project, and the people they meet along the way.

The Illustrator

Jonny Cechony (he/him) is an Emmy award winning creator. He is not Indigenous, but as a fellow member of the Queer Community he understands the importance in helping his friend share their story.

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